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Automation is good. Spam is bad.

AMM SEO comes from Automated Marketing Machine with Search Engine Optimization

It is a powerfull SEO and marketing tool. There are rumors that say that link diversity is very important. If you agree that (and I think you should), then get AMM SEO. One special aspect of AMM SEO is that you can make your own add-ons to this software (and even sell them). Another special feature is that this software uses advanced scheduling (launch it and leave it to work with a custom schedule program).


AMM SEO Features:

template recorder (automate everything)

automated accounts creator on almost any site

automated link poster on almost any site

footprint web page finder and poster

automatic captcha solver

auto import and auto update proxies

data harvester / scraper

multiple threads

automation scheduler

smartest spinner

extra keywords revealed

competition analyzer

google position checker

email sender

domain analyzer

the best free web tools collection

text and video tutorials

free webinars

access to private area of AMM SEO forum

Internet marketing masterMind with chat

smartphones connection to AMM SEO community


  get keywords easy to rank in Google

  drives traffic to your site by doing SEO

  make money from that traffic

  make money by selling AMM SEO templates

  anything you can do manually, the software can do it for you automatically

  the first software that could be used just as a white hat tool (although it can be used as a black hat tool) AND it's automated! It depends on you if you want to use it as a black hat.

  get backlinks from everywhere: blog comments, RSS feeds, social bookmarking - you name it, we have it.

  this is like the Swiss Army Knife of all SEO software

  design your own macros and automate YOUR own SEO strategies

  it's like having an army of writers, commenters, data entry professionals and SEO specialists at your service

  top-notch intelligent keyword research with accurate results & metrics

Automated Marketing Machine

If you know anything about Internet Marketing, you know how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to getting buyers to your sites.

And if you have been doing any kind of internet marketing, then you know how repetitive, boring, and mind-numbing some SEO activity can be.

There have been a number of attempts to create automated tools to help you, but all of the tools have fallen short.

Until now!

I want to introduce the Automated Marketing Machine with SEO. AMMSEO is the easiest to use, yet most powerfull automated SEO tool that has ever hit the market. Using it as a white hat or black hat tool is entirely your decision.

The functionality of this beast is like something out of a science fiction novel.

AMMSEO is generally split into two main components. One for SEO Beginners, and the other for SEO PROS!!

But first, let me tell you what’s in here for our beginners. Because even if you’re not a beginner, these babies are STILL going to be useful!

Automated Registration. You know how slow and mind-numbingly boring it is to register for a site.

What about when you have to register for hundreds? You could spend weeks making up names and setting things up. Well, not any more! Now, you’ll be able to automate the process! You’ll create accounts on hundreds of sites.

You just set the template, and kick it off. This tool alone will save you so much time


Check emails. When you are out there registering for hundreds of accounts, what else happens?

When you create accounts, you know you’ll get a confirmation email that you have to click on. Well, not anymore. This tool takes care of that for you, so that’s one more bit of repetitive work that you can forget about!

And not only that, even if you are not using the automated registration, dealing with that confirmation email automatically will save you time!


Article Spinner. Wow, this is HUGE!! When you go to all the trouble of writing or buying an article, you want to get your money out of it, right? But to publish an article in more than one place, you have to “spin” it to be different enough from the original so that the bots don’t pick it up as duplicate content.

When humans spin an article, you’re lucky to even get 2 or 3 versions. But when you use an automated article spinner, you can get 5 or more versions of that one article! But have you seen the price of article spinning software? That stuff is expensive! It’s a good thing we built you an article spinner and include it with AMMSEO! Instead of subscribing to a completely different system to spin 1 article into many, you get an article spinner BUILT IN!!


Scheduling. Once you’re used to using AMMSEO, all of the things I’ve described so far can be scheduled and fully automated! You have NEVER seen SEO software THIS POWERFUL!!

Domain Analyzer. You know how important a keyword-rich domain name is or high PR expiring domain

All the domains you are waiting for are analyzed quickly!

Get Me Started!!

Email Blasting. You know that most email services limit you to the number of emails you can send at one time. So, what do you do?

You can send emails into Inbox for 10 cents/1000 emails!!



Accounts Creator and Publishing Data. You’ll set up templates to run your Automated Account Registration and Email Checker. You will eventually create a masterpiece of automated selling goodness. When you do, not only can you set up automated templates to run all your accounts and publishing for you, but you can also SELL YOUR AWESOME TEMPLATES IN OUR MARKETPLACE!!! Yet another way that AMMSEO is helping you make money!! And here’s the other half of that story. You can buy templates and other AMMSEO add-ons in that same marketplace! If you’re not hugely excited to set all this up, you can buy the set up!


Advanced Scheduling. Just like with the templates, once you use AMMSEO to create your monster scheduling programs, you can sell it in our free marketplace. This is free money, because frankly, if you create this program for yourself, you know other marketers are going to benefit and will want to buy it from you! And you know that if you’ve thought of it, someone else has already created it, and you can just buy it from our marketplace. Options Options OPTIONS!!!

Now here’s the thing. Once you have AMMSEO, you can create and customize all the automation you can dream of, for all those mundane tasks that prevent you from working on the REALLY important part – STRATEGY!

Strategy is what makes companies successful. Its not enough to be great at SEO. You have to have time to work on strategy. And a big beefy gorilla of an SEO back-office like AMMSEO is going to give you ALL THE TIME YOU NEED FOR STRATEGY.


AMMSEO is by far the greatest SEO application EVERY CREATED!!

What our clients say:

It’s a great software, very user friendly. It also comes with a guide. One tool that is enabled right now creates accounts on article sites, profile sites, social bookmarking sites, RSS sites, and directories. You can also create your own template, which is awesome. You can spin the articles and publish it to the sites from the software. I give this software 10/10.
I am sure this would be the best software of the year.
I have been using a lot of SEO tools for many years. AMM SEO is the best I have found. The Recorder Module, Account Creation, Spinner, E-mail Verifier, all Automated. And it its basic usage is easy for everyone; even a caveman can understand how to use its basic functions.
AMM SEO is one of the easiest tool to use in terms of its power and capabilities. The truth is all seo tools need updating and John does a great job at maintaining the tool so it works flawlessly. If you don’t have much time and need some backlinks to your sites, this is a great tool to do just that. Very impressed, I’m also confident it’ll become even better over time.
AMMSEO is one of those rare tools that comes along once in a lifetime, and when its all said and done, it leaves the online marketing landscape completely changed.